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Sean McGuinness has experienced fracking in action—but only from a distance.

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Still, the Superintendent of the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River could clearly see, hear, smell, and taste the impact of chemically treated water being forcefully pumped into underground rock to create fissures that allow the release of natural gases. The noise, odor, and dust was persistent, McGuinness recalls. Thanks to the presence of a million-year old geological formation known as the Marcellus Shale, which spreads some 48, square miles under seven states, the possibility is a very real threat.

Fracking operations, or hydraulic fracturing, typically involve hundreds of trucks—and often require the construction of new roads.

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For days, trucks move back and forth between nearby rivers to transport water to the drill site. This water is then mixed with sand and chemical agents to create fracturing fluid. After drillers reach the shale, which can sit more than a mile underground, a charge similar to a rifle shot is set to fracture it.

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The fracking mix is then injected under high pressure to break open the formation, and allow the natural gas to flow to the well head. The moratorium will remain in place until the commission, made up of the U.

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Army Corps of Engineers and the governors of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, develops and adopts specific regulations governing the extraction of gas. Enter NPCA.

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  8. Insisting that federal law requires substantial environmental impact studies be completed before such regulations are even introduced, a coalition of groups, including NPCA, filed suit against the commission and the Corps this summer. At issue is a better understanding of just what havoc fracking can wreak. After spills occurred in Bradford County, water wells in the area were found to be contaminated.

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    Among other things, an environmental impact study would look at the effects of well-pad construction, the likelihood of habitat destruction, and the presence of chemical particulates in potable water. According to McGuinness, the companies involved have promised they will install well pads no larger than seven acres, and do so on areas that are already cleared of trees.

    From the beginning, Special Agent Mallory Channing knew this would be no ordinary assignment.

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    Mallory,and her junior partner, a spunky girl with a good service record named Kip, were assigned to the kidnapping of a beautiful rich girl. The two young women had learned to struggle together to gain respect in the male-dominated agency, but now they would have to face a much more sinister foe than the nameless bureaucracy.

    There is danger in the air from the first time the two pretty agents set foot aboard an outlaw ship in search of a missing heiress.

    In a stunning and unexpected move, the pair are taken captive, like some prize of the sea, by a coldly calculating pirate Captain and his lecherous crew. The two join other luckless females on the slave ship, as it heads toward a military compound in Columbia, run by the notorious El Commandante.

    While on route, the pair and their fellow captives are stripped of their clothes, ruthlessly bound and subjected to the lewd sexual depravity at the hands of their captors.