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Also, more Ca, Mg, K and other trace minerals are supplemented. The raw materials of SPS Hard Coral Sea Salt are selected from pure, food grade and contain all kinds of trace elements which found in nature seawater, as well as some other special vitamins and protective colloids.

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It is from an very rare underground brine sources in the world, In addition to this, the Blue Treasure Sea Salt get the formula after many experts research of Ocean University of China, since Blue Treasure Sea Salt make use of the good natural sources and scientific research condition to offer best quality sea salt to the world. It does not contain any harmful elements and nutritive elements, such as nitrate NO3 , phosphate PO4 , and silicate Si , etc..

Blue Treasure sea salt has a strict quality control process during manufacturing, fine grain structures, and drying state.

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It dissolves rapidly, and the resulting synthetic saltwater very clearly. It has a distinct effect for improving immune function of marine living organisms. Not only can improve their physique but also maintains the ideal buffer capacity and stable pH.

It is particularly suitable for sensitive marine aquarium husbandry and cultivation. Ca, Mg, K and other trace minerals are supplemented so that can keep the enough essential elements to support SPS.

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Produced with very strict production processes in accordance with ISO system. Unlike other evaporated industrial salt, the sodium chloride of Blue Treasure Salt is purified from pure, non-polluted underground brine. Underground brine sources are rare, only Bohai Bay and Huanghai Bay are rich in this kind of underground brine.

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In addition to this, the Blue Treasure Sea Salt created the formula after many experts researchers from Ocean University of China, since Blue Treasure Sea Salt utilises the good natural source and scientific research to offer the best quality sea salt to the world. Related products.

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