Breaking Strongholds Thro Mid-Night Prayer: Turning Disappointments to Appointments

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I am GOD'S property. Satan you are bound from my family, my mind, my body, my home and my finances. I confess that I am healed and Whole. I flourish! I am long lived, stable, durable, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. Whatsoever I set my hand to do shall prosper, for GOD supplies all my needs. I have all authority over Satan, all demons, and beasts of the field. I call forth Divine Appointments, open doors of opportunity, GOD ordained encounters and ministry positions.

I ask Angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. My citizenship is in Heaven. I belong to the household of GOD. Therefore, let every generational and territorial spirits of poverty swallowing my finances receive the undiluted anger of GOD. You can use it to receive A CAR,. GOD will give you the keys of the gates of the ocean, which are enclosed in strong chain.

Confess any known sin to LORD, one by one and ask forgiveness one by one. I should love GOD despite all situations and circumstances. I should look at my spiritual growth only. For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortress. Dream Life,. Every Organ in my body. A whole new world opens. A world without stressing about marriage. A world without constant financial pressure. A world without strong hold of debt.

John Lord, I thank You for answering my prayers.

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I am an over comer. In Your time, Lord, every step is ordered and every thought recorded. You know the past, present, and future. You have planned every day of my life with purpose and love. Gently but firmly You are preparing a glorious ending for me in Heaven. I give my life into Your safekeeping. How marvellous is Your Wisdom! Rich blessings come to me now! James Psalms Ephesians Revelation Colossians 1; Do not be afraid of sudden terror. Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;. And will keep your foot from being caught, proverb It is written; do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of the trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the LORD will be your confidence.

And will keep your foot from being caught Proverb It is written; avenge me of my adversary. Luke It is written; they fought from the heavens; the stars from their courses fought against Sisera. Judges I feel that God will put me in the right place. I know he is in complete control. I pray for all of those who trespass against me and I know it will be made right.

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I know I fall short all the time,but I do try to do my best. I always ask myself,what would Jesus do in the situation.

I asked all to pray for me as I will them.. I really want all the people that are getting jobs instead of me to do well and I know God will bless them. I also know that God will help me as he sees fit. God bless all of you. Hi steve the unemployment blog fits so well into our lives right now.

What God Promises Those Struggling With Unemployment

My son has been unemployed since may of last year, and it is really taken a toll on us financially. I have tried to help him keep his truck but my funds are getting low now too. I know there is always a reason why God does things a certain way. Workplace bullying by my ex-boss made me decide to resign from my role last month. It took me months of prayer before I resigned. I read your article and it has given me hope. My family and I are born again Christians.

I have been out of work for a year here in Alberta , Canada. The oil industry tanked and the jobs went with it.

Dr D.K Olukoya 2018 - Midnight Prayer

Please pray for us. It is so very hard right now with 4 children. Hi everyone I stumbled on this blog some few months back. I had been unemployed for close to 5 years but as I came to read the comments I wondered how Christians could stay so hopeful and loving towards God, I learned that day to give thanks and be content and hold innermost peace in all situations.

A month after ward I got a job. Thank you Jesus!!!

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At this moment ,i am battling with unemployment and eviction is inevitable,welive in a room ,where the house is falling appart and the owner qeeps treating us so badly,at this time,noone is there to help ,since i live in Colombia and my family has also rejected me……. I am committing any sin?

Wendy, Steve is correct GOD is our hope and salvation. Last year my daughter and I were displaced, we lived in a homeless shelter for 1yr. So be encouraged and know that GOD is definitely in control. Thanks to this site for reminding me of that GOD bless you all. Today is the first time I am on this site. My husband was also laid off two jobs in less than a year without pension. At first we were very despondent and questioned why it was happening.

We have many bills to pay and a bond and my salary is not enough to cover everything. Small blessings which are so big to us. All because of prayer and faith. We have been praying as a family together and instead of asking God, we declared that we are receiving his blessings. Thanked him for the stumble blocks He has given us to help us strengthen our faith. God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. Have complete faith in Him without doubt or reservation.

I will ask my friend to pray with me for you and your family and we will dedidate our prayers tonight at home to you. Love in Christ. Hello, this is really inspiring. Yes, our good God has great plans for us. He says that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. My husband lost a permanent job and a contract job over the past couple of months. We were also stressing about bills, bond and finances as the company he worked for did not have a retrenchment package plan. The more we stressed, the more things went wrong, until a colleague, now a friend at work interceded with prayer.

She showed me that all we needed was faith. She prayed for us witout knowing at the time what our situation was. Not long after that, he tells me he got a 6 month contract job. God is so good. He was working on our problems but because we were so wrapped up in ourselves and worrying about the future, we did not give Him a chance to do what He does best, that is carry us through, to help up, to bless us. Even the smallest blessings came shining through.

Last week I was at breaking point again, thought that everything that could go wrong, was going wrong and my faith was at an all time low. I emailed my friend to tell her what was happening.

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