Coffee Conversations: The Simple Leadership Secret of High Performance Workplaces

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It's a -brainer. A relaxed, casual conversation over a cup of coffee fixes all performance issues and the return on investment is spectacular. That's right, eliminate complex and demotivating control systems, start treating people well, engage them in the decisions that affect their work and empower them to self-manage their own outcomes and the simple secret of high performance will appear.

Based on 25 years of practical experience and research by Shane Garland and Dr Grant Dovan, Coffee Conversations explores how high performance work cultures form spontaneously when leaders take time each day to relax with their staff, sip a coffee and discuss better ways of running the business. Unambiguously, managers who do their people work first and their paperwork second, produce the best performance outcomes and the greatest places to work.

Coffee Conversations is a storybook of practical examples and supportive data that questions why any organisation would waste precious time and money on expensive and complex leadership training programs, when regular coffee conversations will deliver a trusting work culture and guaranteed performance success. While many leadership books are either full of academic theory, large strategic ideas or curriculum based, directive leadership education, Coffee Conversations is full of short, practical stories from the iconic Australian companies, Qantas and Woolworths, and a myriad of international experiences that will leave you inspired.

Additional Product Features Author s. Starting out in a clerical position at Melbourne airport before working his way up the organizational ladder to become the General Manager at Sydney Airport, with staff and aircraft movements a day. After leaving Qantas, he took a sabbatical before beginning a five-year journey as the National Operations Manager for the Woolworths' distribution centres where he was responsible for more than people working in 30 different centres around Australia.

Shane was always encouraged by the CEO's of these two iconic Australian companies to learn by continually trying new ideas. And what he learnt most was to make the employees the centre of everything. He found that if he treated them well then, they in turn, would treat the customers well and be motivated to do a great job. He also learnt how much front line workers appreciate leadership that includes everybody's input to achieving the company's performance objectives.

Shane wrote this book with Grant to help the thousands of supervisors and managers out there who struggle under the weight of bureaucracy, without senior management support and are looking for a simple way to help their teams perform. For Shane, regular Coffee Conversations are the secret.

The role of a marketer has drastically evolved over the past decade. Hiring marketing managers that are up-to-date and effective at people management has become more difficult than ever. This guide reveals the qualities of a good marketer and helps you learn how to hire a marketing manager, executive, or even just a capable marketing specialist.

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This is guided by goals that every employee establishes with their manager, and is based on both interest and company need. So far, this policy has resulted in employees cross-training in video production, valuable marketing certifications, and more! Building a high-performing team takes dedication, patience, and a little guidance.

Use these six tips to lay the groundwork for workplace success. Leaders typically get caught up in focusing on their best employees or on their most challenging ones. Yet their most valuable asset may be that quiet employee who needs your attention and support. Artika Tyner of Planting People Growing Justice Leadership shares the following quote that she has found helpful in building high-performance teams.

Follow Artika. Research from the Great Place to Work Research Team demonstrates that inclusive workplaces reap many benefits:. Learn about the five measures leaders should implement to ensure their team achieves a successful outcome from their shared efforts. Building a high-performance team is all about the relationships and not about the money or other perks.

Being in a position of leadership requires the continuous empowerment of your employees to help them grow and become the best version of themselves. Follow Valerie. Most of us are both leaders and followers. An incident that happened while fighting forest fires some years back demonstrated the powerful fact that how we follow our leaders can have a huge impact on how others follow us. Want to build a stronger team? Start by being a better follower.

Employee recognition can be a powerful tool that can enhance team performance and motivate employees to take their work to the next level. Recognition can take many forms, so start by asking yourself these four questions, and then get the three must-have components to make sure it resonates with your employees. We would love to hear your ideas. What are you best practices for building a high-performance team? This month, our contributors share their thoughts about inspiring creativity and innovation on your teams. The April Frontline Festival will be about building high performing teams. The Law of the First Step is what launches our creativity and innovative ideas into results and meaning in our lives and work.

In this post Ronni shares some of what we know about how the brain produces insight—and how we can use that knowledge to, as leaders, create conditions that are conducive to creativity and innovation. Follow Ronni. Ken nourishes his own creativity by reading books on topics outside his normal area of interest. He finds this sometimes sparks new ideas and insights. Chip nourishes his own creativity by reading blogs and articles on topics outside his area of work, learning concepts, views, and opinions different from his own.

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with taking risks. In organizations permeated by a fear of failure, people play it safe and keep novel ideas close to the vest. But, when leaders welcome, enable, model and support smart risk-taking, creativity and innovation can thrive. Wally nourishes his own creativity by making a conscious effort to engage with new topics and people. Organizations with the greatest number of responses to any given situation are the ones that survive.

The Benefits of One-on-Ones

The good news: a leader does not and cannot have all the answers. Engaging every part of the organization breathes unknown potential into life. When your workers lack inspiration, productivity takes a hit. Learn five ways to help workers stay motivated to keep innovative ideas coming. Research on fostering innovation within companies underscores the value of encouraging employees to be decision-makers. It shows that the most successful innovation leaders focus heavily on collaborative team building.

Find out what else this insight reveals. For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. When it comes to new perspectives, your brain works against you.

PDF Coffee Conversations: The Simple Leadership Secret of High Performance Workplaces

But with a little effort, other views, just as relevant, become visible. Thanks to all of our contributors. Are you a leadership blogger? We would love to have you join us next month as we explore your best thinking on building high-performing teams. This month, our contributors share their thoughts about building stronger human connection and relationships at work.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

The March Frontline Festival will be about inspiring creativity and innovation on your team. To have better relationships at work, you should be willing to look at them in more than one way. Embracing diversity and inclusion is essential for building stronger human connections at work. Our workplaces are more diverse and our communities are becoming increasingly diverse.

Despite these demographic shifts, organizational culture and practices may limit the ability for all members of a team to thrive. We should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry and we must understand that all threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color. Maya Angelou.

Even the most dedicated, energetic, compassionate and growth-focused people struggle with one of the habits of highly effective people. Are you one of them?

How to Have a Great One-on-One

Follow Chery. Everyone comes from a different life experience and has witnessed, researched or considered something you have not. What can a pack of wild dogs teach us about collaborative teams and partnership?

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Lions are greedy; wild dogs share. Learn more insights for stronger relationships at work.

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The good news about technology is that teams can be spread throughout the world, offering a rich background for global enterprises. The difficult news is that time zones and the absence of visual interaction can cause teams to stumble or even fail to start at all.

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

Improve retention and engagement by prioritizing relationships in the workplace. Use these five tips to encourage camaraderie among your employees. There are a number of ways to decrease work stress, but one lesser-known one is surprisingly simple: make friends with your coworkers. No one succeeds in isolation and teamwork drives innovation, community and great culture.

Five Questions to Turn it Around Today. Opening the door to having a conversation is an important first step in resolving a conflict or improving a difficult work relationship. Self-disclosure does not mean baring it all.

478: The Simple Secret To Better Trust and Culture with Randy Grieser

Skillful self-disclosure is about taking ownership of your thoughts and feelings. Navigating careers in an increasingly complex landscape requires that employees and employers engage in organic and dynamic conversations in which personal and profound questions are explored. Ronni shares insights from her conversations with Julie Winkle Giulioni, co-author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go , which presents a powerful way of thinking about and conducting career development conversations that can change the way employees feel about their work as they are encouraged to bring more of their humanity to work.

When you ask employees, they want to be able to connect with their leader—today more than ever before. Employees want to know what you have to say; they also want to know what you stand for. Apply these tips to help your employees get to know you. This month, our contributors share their thoughts about setting up your team for an amazing year. We have an open call for exceptional blog posts, podcasts, videos, and artwork. New contributors welcome.