La question kurde: Etats et minorités au Moyen-Orient (Académique) (French Edition)

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La naissance du Moyen-Orient (1914-1949)

Le kurde devant les tribunaux : France et Turquie by Salih Akin 1 edition published in in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. La langue kurde 1 edition published in in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Nous expliquons le fonctionnement de la concordance des temps par le biais de la notion de monde possible de Vet.

Hamit Bozarslan

D'autres langues en Suisse 1 edition published in in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. We can therefore admit that language related to the development of knowledge, its transmission and appropriation are definitely needed for the implementation of terminology. This theses proposes to address the issue of popularization of medical terminology in Kuwait. We are primarily focus on the pathology of diabetes. After recalling the context of the research, we tackle the main issue of the Arabization of sciences.

From a terminological point of view, we stress the paramount importance of popularization in the framework of terminological policy. With socioterminological tools, we analyze terminological data picked from medical popularization books, but also collected from actors.

Après l’EI : Visions pour de futur(s) Kurdistan(s)

Our results aime at making proposals and paving ways for a better popularization of medical terminology in Kuwait. We will study the multiple factors of the centralization and transformation of the administration of the Empire of the nineteenth century and after the declaration of the Tanzimat, the change of policy regarding the Kurds.

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We shall analyze the position of the Kurdish Emirs in the administration until the policy of centralization and the policy of deportation and sedation of the Kurdish tribes, including the Emirs in the early nineteenth century. The autonomy of the Kurdish Emirs began to disappear at the beginning of the 19th century. The Porte wanted to put an end to the autonomy of the Emirs in order to submit to the authority of the Sultan to make them pay taxes, including by giving soldiers to the Ottoman army.

Hamit Bozarslan

The creation of the province of Kurdistan in was followed by three major political changes in the administration; the land law in , the regulation of the status of cities in , and finally, in , the abolition of the province of Kurdistan. All these changes within the Empire made possible to centralize the State.

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  6. The deportation of the Kurds of the nineteenth century had a different aspect from the preceding one. From then on, the policy of deportation revolved around four major axes: first, deportation to settle the nomadic Kurdish tribes for the purpose of levying taxes; secondly, deportation to divide and control the Emirs or Bey Kurds, thirdly: the deportation of the Kurds to impose order and install security in Kurdistan and Finally: the deportation of the Kurds to civilize and assimilate them.

    His interdisciplinary academic background in history and the social sciences has led to a research approach which draws on both comparative politics and international relations theories and methods.

    He is a regular commentator on Southeast Asian and Australasian matters for the media. Samy Cohen holds a Ph. He was member of the Scientific Council of Sciences Po and of the editorial board of the review Inflexions.

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    Full Professor at Sciences Po since Director of the Europe-Latin-America Sciences Po undergraduate program in Poitiers ; head of Sciences Po department of political science , visiting professor in many Universities abroad, his research focuses on the processes of regional integration in the Americas and the state of democracy in Latin America. Her current research interests are relationshipsbetween power institutions and social organizations in contemporary Russia,particularly the paradoxical use of civil society development programs toreinforce State controls over NGOs.

    She also works on a research programdevoted to professional practices of journalists in contemporary Russian media. Her book, Une paradoxale oppression. He holds degrees from the University of Paris Nanterre Ph. His research area focuses on politics, contemporary society and transformations of the State in Israel.

    La question kurde: Etats et minorités au Moyen-Orient (Académique) (French Edition)

    He also works on the transformations of contemporary nationalism. He received his Ph. His research and teaching interests include political economy ofdevelopment, party politics, state-building, democratization, and authoritarianregimes with a focus on Latin America and the Middle East. Drawing on 18 months of fieldwork, it analyzeshow national leaders in Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, and Egypt reacted to tradeimbalances, military threats, and political turmoil during the first half ofthe 20th century with a combined agenda of economic nationalism and state-ledindustrialization, establishing what he terms National Developmentalist states.

    Her research focuses on ethnic nationalism, party politics and elections in Pakistan. Oxford University Press, Gilles Favarel-Guarrigues holds a Ph. He joined the CERI in His doctoral dissertation dealt with the fight against economic crime in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia from till His post-doctoral works are devoted to the international mobilizations against transnational criminal threats and to criminal policy in contemporary Russia. Lauric Henneton Ph.

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    Initially a historian of the historical geopolitics in the early modern Atlantic world, his work has focused on the impact of emotions fear on policy-making and his focus has shifted towards contemporary American politics in a deep historical perspective. He is regularly consulted by French-speaking media about American politics and religion.

    He is a specialist in sociology of regime change and comparative politics, post-communist central and Eastern Europe Poland and the Arab world after the uprisings Tunisia. His fields of research are the sociology of political crises, elites and political parties.