Lost Souls Sitting on the Pew

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We believe that there is still value in honoring God in some of the old ways. That gracious and reverent worship using beautiful language and beautiful music is important.

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And if my observations are correct, there seems to be an increasing hunger, especially among those of you who are young, for calm, meaningful and yes, liturgical worship. The comfort of a quiet, candlelit sanctuary and the rhythm of familiar prayers temporarily erase all the shouting in the world. There is powerful sustenance in the weekly meal of bread and wine.

We believe in peace and hope and as our wonderful leader has recently been broadcasting from the rooftops, we believe in love. For all.

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So, to those of you in the back pew who are tiptoeing hesitantly into the waters of worship, keep coming back. I know, all this rigmarole in a church service takes some getting used to ask my husband and we may be a tad formal compared to our brothers and sisters in the big suburban churches but give us some time.

There is a Zoe, an angel, here for every one of you. Who will help you find what you are seeking.

Compassion for Souls

Anne Moul is a lifelong Episcopalian and member of St. She is a retired music teacher who now happily spends her time writing, and blogs at www.

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    by Pierce Gardner.

    Notify of. Fred Garvin. June 18, am. Finger pointing is easy, but society is collapsing, and people need to know that Elohim God has not abandoned us; Elohim has not failed us. Prayerfully, what I am about to say will be helpful! Admittedly, I am extremely unhappy with the worldliness of the church, which means that the exhortation I am being led to offer must be stern and forthright.

    As a disciple of Yehoshua, I must be faithful unto Him, and in discussing His Body; I must begin this exhortation by saying that caution is the order of the day! At the outset, I must admit that I do not know how to discuss these matters with you, without considering you a fellow believer. At the very least, your search has brought you closer to Elohim than ever, you have been extremely sincere in your studies, and your tenacity in the examination of the Scriptures has been outstanding.

    Admittedly, therefore, I enter this conversation with much hope and expectation, as well as with much concern for your future growth and development. When the body assembles, it is meant to display the grace and power of Messiah, under the direction of The Holy Spirit Matthew ; Colossians The body of Yehoshua is meant to be alive with His healing; alive with His teaching and truth; alive with His prophecy; and alive with His Gospel.

    Hopefully, this parable will show in part what is wrong today, and from that lesson, we can begin the process of change. In Vietnam, instead of sweeping through the land, conquering and claiming what we conquered, we built fortresses and bunkers, and fought from those fortifications. We would boldly take a hill, most often at a great cost, only to surrender that hill back to the enemy when we returned to our fortresses.

    Then, we would take the same hill the next day. We never claimed the ground we conquered, and we never moved forward. Neither were we victorious! Instead of victoriously marching through the land, conquering and claiming victory for Yehoshua, our institutional mentality has us running to our bunkers at the end of the day. If we can do this, we can then read Revelation, chapters 2 and 3, and recognize that those Words speak directly to us. The body of Yehoshua ha Mashiach is to be an open, sincere, Spirit organized and Spirit empowered entity of love, compassion and truth.

    Furthermore, the liberal or restrictive theologies we hear must smack us across the face as we compare those teachings with the truth of Scripture. Gone is our cleansing through the Blood of Yehoshua our Messiah, and gone is the truth of obedience and discipleship unto Yehoshua our Master. And while they gather, civilization crumbles around them! Sadly, the exhortation I am moved to issue has no denominational boundary. The body of Yehoshua is about to be awakened, and it is my fervent prayer that writings like this will help stimulate that awakening.

    The standard by which we must live our lives is found only in His Word, and whenever we hear His Word, we must ask ourselves questions, to see if we can apply His truth to our life. In that vein, I wish to present a few passages, and ask some difficult questions for your consideration. As you answer these questions in your heart, though, please allow your responses to His Word to be stern and forthright. Please do not permit the deception to remain intact.

    Have YOU ever felt this? Or are the people in your church merely pew warming bodies who gaze at the pastor and sing along with the choir? Even worse, are they simply wallets to pluck as the plate passes by? If The Holy Spirit is in fact leading us while we assemble to worship, do you think you would ever really want it to end? Consider eternity when you answer this! If Yehoshua is not the focus of praise, worship, prayer and teaching, someone else is.

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    If Yehoshua is not the Head of the assembled body, someone else is leading the assembly. We will never find Elohim in an organization, and we must stop seeking Him there. Elohim lives in our hearts, and those who have accepted Yehoshua ha Mashiach as their personal Master and Messiah, have Him abiding within their heart.

    As such, when we come together in assembly, our sole purpose must be to worship and glorify Him. In faith we must individually and collectively represent the Risen Messiah to the world, and this must be done without judgmentalism or religious rhetoric. Otherwise, we will continue to abide in and portray a deceptive presentation, and the world will never see the fulfilled and glorified Body of Yehoshua ha Mashiach.

    These warnings and commands are to be of particular concern to us today for two reasons: First, the signs of our times indicate that we are rapidly drawing toward the conclusion of this age, and the return of Yehoshua our Messiah. They certainly know how to manipulate it, but they deny the use of His power, teach a blatantly liberal or restrictive theology, and either refuse to permit any display of the gifts of The Holy Spirit, or display an absolute disregard for the disciplined use of those gifts.

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    And, as always, our actions must be — In love! Simply, this is true, because the spiritual and natural worlds are watching and reacting to what we do, and if the children of Messiah do not display His love, power and conviction on this earth, toward them as well as toward each other, then the demons of darkness have no human foe, united under the banner of Yehoshua, with which to contend. Although Satan has been infiltrating the academic centers of the religious institutions for centuries, the last one hundred and fifty years have been especially cancerous to the body of our Messiah.

    And from this weakened, confused and disorganized position, Satan now rules Babylon. Satan rules the great harlot! More on this in a moment. The Nicolaitans of our day are those who either teach that The Holy Spirit no longer bestows all of the gifts upon the children of Messiah, or who confuse and confound the assembly by permitting uncontrolled and unrestricted use of the more controversial gifts, thereby stopping the EKKLESIA from being everything Yehoshua desires for it , and deserves from it. When we deny the use of our gifts, we are in affect, denying the power of Elohim See 2 Timothy Enlightened, Moses taught the statutes and laws to the people, and delegated the authority of leadership and judgment to the elders.

    Moses saw the power of Elohim working throughout the flock once he relinquished his control over them. Moses learned what it meant to be a mature spiritual leader; a mature under-shepherd, and it is this primary lesson that every leader appointed by Elohim must learn today. Moses is the best single snapshot we are ever going to see of a faithful human pastor, because as he matured, Moses provided a great photograph of a truly Scriptural under-shepherd. The deception that Satan has fostered over the pastors of our age, however, has them refusing to acknowledge this truth.

    Too concerned with flock size, buildings, large salaries and elaborate programs, these souls actually believe it is their flock they are overseeing. To make matters worse, many of the pastors we see today are not even disciples of Yehoshua; they do not fully believe! Faith is not required, and in many institutions, faithlessness reigns! And if you think that is harsh, just listen to the sermons preached today, and actually compare those sermons to the fullness of Scripture.

    Instead of being the dynamic body of Messiah, empowered to minister to the world, we find many lost and deceived souls attending boring, dry and somber Sunday morning religious services, and the body of Yehoshua is asleep! Please do not loose heart though, dear friend, because we must remember above all else, that according to Prophecy, there is a tremendous time of harvest to come.

    That which is false will remain false, but that which belongs unto Yehoshua will be fully sanctified unto Him. Joyfully, we can report that this call to come out of the institutions has already begun. Many people, like yourself, are questioning the validity of what they have seen or been taught; questioning the very fiber of the religious systems. Christianity, as it is known and presented in this age, has failed in its call, primarily because potential disciples live as if Elohim were dead; as if Elohim is no longer involved; as if Elohim had failed — as if Elohim never existed!

    But Elohim has not failed, We have, and we must wake up and repent! Elohim is furious with Jacob today, because they want to live by that part of the Law that suits their need, while they disregard the fullness of Scripture.

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    Scripture, however, dictates that those who want to abide under the Law, instead of under the Blood of the Lamb, must abide by the whole Law. Jacob desires to abide liberally where it pleases them, ritualistically where it enslaves others and humanistically whenever the true Elohim either exceeds or falls short of their expectations, requirements or demands.

    The Prophets inquired about the things they were writing, but were told it was not for them to know. They speak directly to us!

    ASKING ALEXANDRIA - The Lost Souls

    Wisdom, knowledge, discernment, insight and common sense are missing in society today, yet these things, and the fullness of the gifts of The Holy Spirit, will become increasingly manifest within the EKKLESIA as we draw near unto Elohim once again. While twisting His Law of liberty for liberalism, thereby lacking faithful submission, and in total disregard for His instructions, issues like abortion, homosexuality, adultery, divorce and the occult, are openly accepted and practiced within their ranks, and the true knowledge of Elohim, as well as the call for repentance and obedience, and therefore, His true forgiveness, remain unacceptably foreign.